About HESC

The New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) is the State’s student financial aid agency that helps students pay for college through programs like the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), the Excelsior Scholarship Program, Enhanced Tuition Awards, STEM and many other scholarship programs.  In 2020-21, HESC helped nearly 280,000 students achieve their college dreams by providing more than $890 million in grants, scholarships and loan forgiveness benefits, including $702 million awarded through the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

HESC’s “Start Here to Get There” campaign works in conjunction with colleges, not-for-profit and school-based organizations to inform and educate New York State students and families about their available financial aid options and to promote the completion of the most important tool in securing financial aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).